I am a London-based Stylist and Colour Analyst who specialises in image consultation for individuals in need of a confidence boost. Perhaps you're  looking to enhance your wardrobe and wellbeing following periods of life change, ill health, stress, weight gain/loss, or you simply find shopping a real challenge and need expert guidance on what shapes, styles and colors best suit you. 

I was a TV and digital fashion producer for over 10 years, working with clients including BBC 1, Channel 4, ASOS, H&M, John Lewis, Westfield and London Fashion Week. Having collected and sold vintage clothing for years, always with an ardent love of shopping, I quickly combined producing with wardrobe and styling.

As much as I enjoy dressing on-screen talent, I only really became aware of the extraordinary power of a good outfit following my mother’s shattering ill health, double partial mastectomy, chemotherapy and hair loss.

Eager to help in any way I could, it was my purchase of two beautiful outfits, cut to flatter my mum's new silhouette, that had the most incredible and lasting impact on her confidence, mood and self-esteem.   

Since then I have worked with a variety of post-operative clients, including those wanting to disguise mastectomy drains and others adjusting to life with a colostomy bag. I have helped people looking to regain their confidence following periods of depression, hormonal change, those with skin and body dysmorphic issues, those experiencing career challenges and aspiring, new and returning-to-work mothers. The reasons people come to see me are varied and multiple: what they all have in common is a desire to look their best, increase their confidence, and regain a sense of identity.   

My approach to styling is best described as visual therapy: looking good can help us to feel better. I am here to add the fun and remove the stress from a shopping experience that will give you the style esteem to look amazing and feel great about yourself, inside and out.

Thanks for visiting,

Anna x